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Ovnuniarchos @ 28th May 2015, 1:04 AM

This comic now will enter silence times… (nice VG reference)

It's taken me four years to draw what I have published until now. Extrapolating from my production rate, I will end this comic about twenty four years from now.


To try to remedy this, I've decided to pause the comic to rewrite my scripts. If I can shorten them enough, I will resume the story. Else, I will abort it (there'll be a notification in that case), and start its spiritual successor.

I'd like this reboot/reincarnation of The Seekers to be something more than some PNGs lost on the Internet. For that, I must purge it from Blizzard material. Moreover, some comments on the Spanish version made me see that the link between the comic and the videogame detracts from the immersion of some people.

Of course, getting the comic out of Internet (or, at least, get some spare change from it) may be just silly fantasies on my part, and I should resign myself to finish this tale (no matter how much time it takes) and accept that it will never be more than a handful of bytes.

If you have any criticism about the writing, now is the time to voice it. C'Mon!

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warriorneedsfood @ 8th Sep 2015, 8:05 PM

I did the same calculation, I found that it will take me about 6 or 7 years to finish the Keep on the Borderlands comic at the rate I'm finishing pages. I have KotBL comic written, and about halfway sketched out. I also have another comic half written and another that is just an idea I'm still developing the characters for. And I have the story in outline form going three or four stories beyond that. Which means I will never finish, ever, even if I stay capable of drawing until I reach 100 years old.

So I have to hope that either some magic will happen where I'll be able to draw full time instead of work, and THEN maybe I could finish a few before I die. Or if I win the lotto, then I'll be able to hire talent to get the story arc I have in mind finished.

I thought about shortening the story or changing the narrative to broader strokes to maybe get more of the story finished, but I'm still evaluating how I'm going to do that.

So I totally get where you are coming from. Good luck to your work!

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Ovnuniarchos @ 9th Sep 2015, 10:41 AM

I'm currently in the process of pruning unnecessary script (streamlining, I dread that word!), and I'll maybe switch to full CGI (non-Poser, though).
Time will tell.

Good luck to you, too, on your story-crunching!

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